About Whisky Chicks

Whisky loving woman on a whisky journey, to share whisky experiences and whisky knowledge with other whisky women. 
Whisky Chicks is all about getting more women into whisky… I firmly believe that there is a whisky out there for everyone. It might not be something you enjoy all the time or it might be the only thing you like to drink… but there will be at least one that make you think “oh right, this is interesting.”
Your experience with whisky is unique and that is one of the things I love about the world of whisky.


Whisky is a hobby and passion of mine that I love to talk about and share with other people. Started my journey by trying a couple of whiskies and doing a lot of research online… from there it grew to going to tastings and generally enjoying it with people and listening to what they said.


One day my husband and I were in a whisky bar in Tasmania, I was talking about whisky to the girl behind the bar and he just looked at me and said you need to start up a forum for more women to talk, learn and share their experiences of whisky… I thought “that sounds awesome” so I started a Facebook page for women to talk more about whisky.


Turns out A LOT of women love whisky, and we all like to talk about it… We also have a very interesting perspective about whisky.


Since the Facebook page started I decided to start doing more reviews and sharing my perspective on the whiskies I have been trying… so I will use this blog to keep doing that.


I will also be sharing other whisky events and other people’s perspectives or stories with whisky.


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