An experience to be remembered…

On the evening of the 5th June I had a preview to what promises to be one of the best experiences in Sydney during June. The Whisky Ambassador has partnered with All Hands Brewing House on Kings St Wharf to create 5 courses of Whisky, Beer & Food pairing. Last night I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with The Whisky Ambassador himself and go through a sneeky sample the evening’s tastes, textures and tales.
I have made a lot of my own pairings because I love whisky and food together, I have tried a lot of other people’s food and whisky pairings but nothing has come close to this. During my evening I tried the Second Appetiser, the  Main Course and the Dessert… On the 20th of June those who come to the evening experience will go through the full 5 courses, evening the 3 I tried blew me away. The amount of love, care and though that went into these pairings is truely unique, it is an evening that really explores the concept “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” The same theme kept popping up, now that I have tried these dishes, beers and whiskies, if I have them on their own now it won’t be as good as having them all together.
With every mouthful I learnt more about the food, whisky and beer. There were points of the evening when I had some food, whisky and beer at the same time. Evening during the mouthful I could taste all 3 parts as individuals and how they were all complimenting each other. The team of people that have worked together to offer these pairings have obviously put their all into this. They have spent time talking and trying and working on the flavours and textures, even the weather and time of year has clearly come into consideration.
We had such a fun and unique experience yesterday I hope that this amazing group of people will be hosting more of these events so that I can come. I’m kicking myself for being out of Sydney on the day of the actual event I wish I could be there for the actual event, if I was in Sydney nothing would stop me! If you like whisky, beer or food, or all of them you need to make sure you get your ticket to the event coming up soon.
The details you care about
Date: 20th June 2018
Time: 6:30pm
Location: All Hands Brewing House on Kings St Wharf
5 Courses of whisky, beer and food pairings
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The Whisky Ambassador
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All Hands Brewing House
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