Our first date…

You were the headliner of a Wild Turkey event I was invited to, I was nervous and hesitant. I realised before I got there, I really don’t know that much about you.

I’ve grown to love Scotch, Australian, Japanese, Irish, French and more… But you, you have been on my mind, but I have been burnt before. I have woken up with regret, I have woken up and cursed you, frustrated that I had let myself go there yet again.

But this is a different time, I’m different, I’ve changed, I think you have changed a bit too. I think we both deserve a second chance. This event, was that second chance and I went, I knew I needed to go, to meet you again, to know that it is possible for me to grow to love you. As I walked up the stairs to the venue I grew more nervous, each step meant coming closer to meeting you again. Tasting you, trying to understand you… when I got the the top of the stairs I was greeted by our friends, they were happy, they loved you. People who I admire and respect, they were talking about how great you were. How rich and full of substance you turned out to be, one of my good friends who is a master of food, pairing and flavours, he talked about how happy he was to meet you and start dreaming of all the things you could do together.

Then the moment came, I was given my glass… I said hi, in introduced myself and I said “I know we haven’t had a great history but I really believe that I can learn to love you, I can learn to understand and appreciate you, I can learn your special little secrets.” You smelt amazing, I knew this time would be different, so I tried and you were… You were approachable at the start, right from the beginning you were easy to talk to, easy to taste and get to know. I knew that we would get along just fine, if nothing else we could have a great friendship.

There was something about you though, something that made me think there is something more, a body, a history and mystery that I wanted to know about. It also made me think that a casual friendship wasn’t going to be enough. I left the evening grateful that I had met you again. I was excited about the next time I would be able to meet you, what I didn’t realise is this would happen a lot sooner than I thought.