Our Second Date…

Tonight was a little more intentional… I knew I was coming to meet you, I knew I really wanted to get to know you, know what makes you special. I felt really awkward when I was parking and coming to see you, I knew that the event we would meet at would be bigger and it would be harder to get your attention and spend some time with you but I knew I was supposed to go.

Your advertisements had been on bus stops, TV and movie trailers, I didn’t know if you would even want me to be there and have a conversation but I parked and I walked around to try and find the event, the more I didn’t know where I was going the more I felt weird about meeting you there but I eventually found it and walked up the stairs. The most humble, yet determined two flights of stairs I have ever walked up. At first you were mixing with other people and drinks and I didn’t want to interrupt.

I found myself in circles of people, we were all talking about you and what was so special about you… then I was introduced to your dad. Before I had even met you I knew your family was interesting and loving and fun. It made me want to get to you know better, but I knew I didn’t have long. You finally got introduced to us, just on your own, not in a showmanship way or anything just with a simple glass that said “I’m interesting no matter what I come in or how I’m presented.” So as soon as you were introduced I tried to spend some time with you. You were new, yet weirdly familiar, you were different but really comfortable. I remember thinking I’m really looking forward to introducing you to my friends and my life because you would fit really well. You are comfortable and special all at the same time… why is a mystery to me but who doesn’t love a bit of mystery.

I had to leave too soon, I know I didn’t get to experience everything about you that night but I knew I would make sure that we meet again…

In Woolworths the very next day I was dreaming up a dish when I thought “a dark beer would go really well in this,” so I went next door and got the beer. I don’t know why but I stopped and looked around, I went to see where your family would be and there you were. Just waiting for me, I was so excited and shocked at the same time, I’m used to those over-value themselves and hold themselves in such high regard that when I realised yours I didn’t understand. I met you last night, how could that same experience be so approachable and easy to get to know the day after?

I wasn’t going to miss a chance to get to know you better so I insisted that you come home with me, I was so looking forward to introducing you to my life, my comfortable space, my food. That evening I introduced you to one of my most favourite dishes I like to make, you loved it, the funny thing was, after trying it your way I couldn’t imagine it any other way… I still don’t understand how you did that.

How can it be that, for so long I didn’t think of you, I put you to the side, I didn’t understand how amazing you could truely be? I finally understood your why, your substance, you reason for doing what you do. Once I understood, I was so excited to see what the rest of our relationship would be like, I realised I’m not done, I haven’t finished, I cannot wait to understand you more and get to know you better.