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2016-02-18 01.06.20

On the 16th Feb I went to Whisky & Alement http://www.whiskyandale.com.au/ I started with a #Boilermaker and then made up my own #whisky tasting… 6 of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society whiskies at this bar… What gets even better, they were the 6 #Islay #SMWS bottles on their list! Whisky & Alement have what is called the Never Ending Cask… a cask of Islay SMWS whisky up on their bar, because it gets topped up it changes all the time, it was VERY good last week.

3.212 – Bowmore
Nose – smokey & buttery on the nose, light fruit
Palate – front light apples and butter, back and sides bitey and really smokey/peat, iodine


3.245 – Bowmore
Nose – little smoke, butter, caramel, apple
Palate – very similar to smell but more smokey and bitey


3.243 – Bowmore
Nose – apples and butter, grassy, iodine
Palate – smokey apples and butter – nice!, sea,


Nose – vanilla, sherry, smoke, iodine, sea spray, apples, grass,
Palate – smoke, coal, sherry, pepper, berries


53.223 – Coal Ila – Angels & Demons – refill hogshead ex-bourbon
Nose – straight up the nostrils, fiery, sweet smoke, forest after a fire
Palate – light, end – sherry, pepper, little caramel, Apple, cinnamon,


Never Ending Cask – By far my favourite, and such a fun back story
Nose – coffee, coal, spicy, earth, smoke, cinnamon, dirt,


Palate – berries, pepper & bite, sherry, smokey, light fruits at the front, boiled front, coffee after a while, burnt banana


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