Whisky Chick, Whisky Tasting – Around the World in 5 Whiskies

2016-06-10 13.50.11

I have now had my first official Whisky Tasting… naturally I wanted to go all around the world with the whiskies.

So we had whisky from 5 different countries!

My main goal for this tasting was to have a lot of fun with some people I really like… TICK!

This was our tasting plate…

20160602 WC Event


The Whiskies:


20160602 WC Event - balvenieScottish Whisky – The Balvenie Double Wood 12yo 

The Whisky Chick: A good reliable loving friend who will always be there for you, you can sit and have a quick chat or a DnM for hours.

My Tasting Notes: sweet, thick, smooth, little sherry, lots of caramel and vanilla



glendaloughIrish Whiskey – Glendalough 13yo

The Whisky Chick: she totally makes you do a double take! You’ve heard her voice, you may have even seen a picture or two but then you meet her and you realise she is smooth, smart, sexy and a little dangerous…

My Tasting Notes: smooth, oily, buttery with a little kick


armorik-classicFrench Whisky – Armorik Classic

The Whisky Chick: classically French and sexy… leaves you wanting more.

My Tasting Notes: Ever since I tried this whisky for the time it made me picture a young girl dancing around a meadow with grass and daisy flowers… the mineralic texture in the mouth makes me feel like the whisky is litterally dancing on my tounge.


Archie RoseAustralian Future Whisky – Archie Rose New Make

The Whisky Chick: Aussie chick in the bush with her ugg boots sitting in a rocking chair looking over her property… makes me think of this song….
Give me a home among the gum trees, With lots of plum trees, A sheep or two, a k-kangaroo,
A clothesline out the back, Verandah out the front, And an old rocking chair
My Tasting Notes: Other than some of the smoothest spirits I’ve ever tried. Archie Rose specifically specialise the Australia bush flavours and smells.

Paul John BoldIndian Whisky – Paul John Bold

The Whisky Chick: Islay and India had a beautiful love child… now she is a sexy 18yo who punches you in the face… but you like it!

Madeline Zima – from ”Gracie” in The Nanny to “Mia Lewis” Fucking and Punching in Californication

My Tasting Notes: smoky and peaty, with oil, butter, Indian curry spice but with more balance than Amrut, really nice balance of spice and smoke.

In summary… the whisky was delicious, the people were great, we had lots of laughs and I was able to share one of my great passions!
I cannot wait for the next tasting!